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    • MahJah 1.40

      MahJah 1.40

      Select your favorite shape and match all the blocks together. MahJah is a game inspired by mahjong in which the objective is to make all the blocks disappear by pairing them up. To play, you need to select your preferred shape and see if you can set a rec

    • Blocky Football 2.3

      Blocky Football 2.3

      Blocky Football takes a while to learn, but once you get it, it becomes very addicting.. Blocky Football is a fun, quick game that requires you to run, kick, and even throw the football on a pixellated screen. You have to be quick with your movements, be

    • Battle Fury Arena 1.87

      Battle Fury Arena 1.87

      Work as a team and take the time to your opponent. Instead of taking on an opponent in a one-on-one match, you’ll have to work alongside a partner to take down two opponents at the same time. Battle Fury Arena will put your cooperation skills to th

    • Talisman Prologue 2

      Talisman Prologue 2

      The mighty board game on Android. Spit on your Heroquest. Old school roleplayers know that Heroquest was a late product, fruit of marketing decisions. The original board game for dungeon crawlers was Talisman, a name so much time forgotten and that raises

    • Sacred Legends 1.1.5

      Sacred Legends 1.1.5

      Choose your character, fight off enemy waves, and take on other players. It’s time to pick up your sword, or bow and arrows, and take the fight to the enemy. In the Sacred Legends for the iOS and Android, you’ll travel across Ancaria, taking

    • Sonic Forces: Speed Battle 0.0.5

      Sonic Forces: Speed Battle 0.0.5

      World-famous SONIC THE HEDGEHOG is back! RUN and COMPETE with real players from around the world. Find out who is the MASTER of speed! SPRINT, JUMP, SLIDE and SET TRAPS against other fans in crazy real-time MULTIPLAYER races. Download and start your battl

    • LightBike 2 2.5.6

      LightBike 2 2.5.6

      As a sequel of earlier worldwide mega hit, LightBike2 has finally come back with juiced up updates. Drive through the cyber space as fast as the light, and have dead heat battles with opponents all over the world! * With simple operations, anyone can h

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