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Arcade & Action Iphone Apps Games

  • Minion Rush

    Minion Rush 4.9.0

    Put yourself in a Minion's shoes and impress your evil boss. In this Despicable Me game, your objective as a minion is to complete many tasks in order to impress your boss, evil Gru! In a Temple Run/Subway Surfers style, you need to guide the minion

  • Fruit Ninja®

    Fruit Ninja® 2.5.5

    Slash fruit and earn as many points as you can. Fruit Ninja is an addictive game for Android where your aim is to slash as many fruit as possible by swiping up across the screen. Be careful with the bombs and don’t let the fruit fall without being s

  • MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2017

    MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2017 2.1.0

    Choose your team, trade players, score, and take them all the way to the top. Have you ever dreamed of managing the MLB’s top league? In MLB TAP SPORTS BASEBALL 2017 for the Android and iOS, you’ll choose your favorite MLB team. Once you get

  • Zen Pinball

    Zen Pinball 1.42.1

    A traditional pinball with impressive graphics and animations. Zen Pinball HD is a high definition game with powerful graphics and a familiar but entertaining gameplay. The graphics are incredibly detailed and you will have a great time playing and trying

  • Splash

    Splash 1.0

    It’s up to you to see how far you can get in this quite addicting, simple, and fun game. In Splash for your iOS or Android device, you’ll be controlling a black ball that’ll jump on different colored cubes, with the game counting how ma

  • Super Atomic

    Super Atomic 1.5.1

    Super Atomic challenges you to concentrate and jump over the obstacles. How hard can it be to move a sphere over a series of spikes? That’s what you’ll have find out in Super Atomic. You’re given a sphere that moves on its own. The goal

  • Combo Critters

    Combo Critters 1.3.4

    Play as a cyborg gathering new creatures and then combining them. In Combo Critter for the iOS and Android, you’ll play as a nameless cyborg who will go through 6 available planets, defeating and capturing new monsters. In this turn-based battler,

  • LINE Rangers

    LINE Rangers 5.0.0

    A thrilling and complete defense game for fans of well-designed games.. LINE Rangers is an action-defense game featuring the popular LINE characters we've all learnt to love. Sally has been kidnapped by aliens and you need to rescue her with the help

  • Heroes vs Monsters

    Heroes vs Monsters 3.4

    A tactical dungeon crawling game. Heroes vs Monsters (wow, what a straightforward title!) is a tiny masterpiece. Although it doesn't reinvent a thing (lately nobody does) it merges the best of the genre and packs it in a lovely red lace of cartoonish

  • Kunin

    Kunin 1.0.1

    Are you good at ninja training?. Do you love Ninja games? Kunin is a fun action ninja training game with fast-paced graphics. In this thrilling new game, you will need to make a great use of your reflexes and use your ninja skills to kill your targets and