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  • Mofibo – ebooks & audiobooks

    Mofibo – ebooks & audiobooks 2.6.7

    Mofibo gives you unlimited access to thousands of books and audio books directly on your iPad and iPhone. Enjoy the biggest authors, greatest stories and your personal favorites, wherever and whenever you please, all for a low price per month. Spotify doe

  • Whitepages

    Whitepages 2.9.13

    The does more than you might expect, and is probably the best US phone directory. Many see Whitepages as the place to go to find people and businesses. But there are a bunch of really useful additions here too, which you definitely won't find on a h

  • Sky Guide AR

    Sky Guide AR 6.5

    Explore space and expand your mind. For those in light-polluted cities, star-gazing isn’t really possible. Now Sky Guide lets you have just as much fun as those countryside dwellers, bringing up contextual information based on where you point your

  • Ancestry

    Ancestry 8.7.1

    The Ancestry app links with to give you access to your genealogy.. If you're into genealogy, you're going to both love and hate this app. You'll love that you have access to 14 billion of documents and your family tree. You�

  • Kobo Books

    Kobo Books 9.0.2

    Kobo eBooks is both a virtual library and eBook reader from a social approach. No matter if you're a e-reading newbie or veteran, Kobo eBooks provides a platform for all readers types from where you can find books, download or purchase them and read

  • Scribd - Reading Subscription

    Scribd - Reading Subscription 7.9.1

    An app to help you access an almost infinite list of books. Scribd is an excellent service for avid readers. This app lets you read all the books you can and want, for just $8.99 a month. Once you've got the app open, you'll have to make an acc

  • Amazon Kindle

    Amazon Kindle 5.15

    Turn your smartphone into a Kindle Reader.. Amazon launched their e-reader Kindle on time. With this app, you can transform your smartphone into a Kindle and enjoy all the options that come with the real device. The app allows you to read Kindle e-books o

  • HOOKED - Chat Stories

    HOOKED - Chat Stories 3.3.1

    An app that allows you to read different kinds of works - for free.. HOOKED O_O allows you to read and find stories that interest you without having to pay for them. Save them right on your phone so that you can read them on the go - if you can find some

  • Exchange Message

    Exchange Message 1.0

    Having a relationship with Jesus is the most precious treasure you can ever possess. But simply knowing Jesus for yourself is not what Christ called us to. The Bible clearly teaches us that once we trust Jesus to forgive our sins and save us from a punish