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  • Inkling

    Inkling 4.3.5

    Get entire books or on demand chapters and learn at your very own pace. E-learners are an efficient-concerned type. Sometimes, what you want to learn doesn't require to read an entire book but a chapter or two. Inkling eBooks is your personal mobile

  • Tapas - Comics & Stories

    Tapas - Comics & Stories 3.5.6

    Find the best comics, books, and stories to read on your phone.. The somewhat oddly named (one would think it had something to do with appetizers) app Tapas is actually a comic, book, and other short stories reading app that allows you to read best-selli

  • Otto - Audiobooks and Podcasts

    Otto - Audiobooks and Podcasts 3.0.3

    An amazing podcast network for discovering the best podcasts and radio news. Otto Radio for news & podcasts is a new and innovative application for those who love discovering new podcasts and top news stories. It's a podcast discovery platform t

  • Amazon Kindle

    Amazon Kindle 6.3

    Turn your smartphone into a Kindle Reader.. Amazon launched their e-reader Kindle on time. With this app, you can transform your smartphone into a Kindle and enjoy all the options that come with the real device. The app allows you to read Kindle e-books o

  • Bible Audio

    Bible Audio 1.0.6

    Listen to the Bible while commuting to work or school, doing chores around the house, or as you drift off to sleep. You can now listen and read along with the Bible wherever you have an Internet connection. Bible Gateway’s Bible Audio App is FREE and easy

  • BT Notifier - for Smartwatch

    BT Notifier - for Smartwatch 1.2

    Don't lose your time. You have today the opportunity to try the best BT Notifier for your SmartWatch ! This is the fastest app for your Smart-Watch device, more then this you will have the opportunity to get the latest news and reviews from our experts a

  • Quotie

    Quotie 1.1.3

    Quotie is an archive on your smart device containing thousands of categorized inspirational quotes around the world. Quotie sends a "Quote of the Day" to you everyday, on the time you set it to. You can see as many quotes as you like when you launch the

  • CENSECFOR Toolbox

    CENSECFOR Toolbox 1.0

    An Official US Navy mobile application, produced by the Navy PMW 240 Program. The CENSECFOR Toolbox application provides US Navy personnel and others with on-demand access to certain Center for Security Forces (CENSECFOR) training courses. The app also i

  • AIA Guide to Boston

    AIA Guide to Boston 1.0.1

    The Boston Society of Architects/AIA is delighted to present the AIA Guide to Boston, available for the first time as a mobile app. Published in three prior paper editions, the Guide has been described as “the best [architecture field guide] of its kind o

  • Guide For Slime Rancher Gordos

    Guide For Slime Rancher Gordos 1.1

    Gordo slimes are the gigantic and adorable slimes that you’ll find hidden in various locations throughout Slime Rancher. They're a manifestation of many slimes of the same kind that have come together and mutated into one huge and very hungry slime. Hence