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  • Bird Calls - Bird Song & Guide

    Bird Calls - Bird Song & Guide 2.6.1

    With detailed information, pictures and sounds of more than 4500+ birds from 211 different countries around the world, Bird Calls is the most comprehensive bird guide app available anywhere. Enjoy the melodious songs and calls of 4500+ birds from around

  • Bizarre Holidays Calendar

    Bizarre Holidays Calendar 11.2

    Featured in USA Today's "Strange but useful iPhone apps." This app has been and will continue to be updated every year (since 2009). Each update is free, so you will have endless bizarre holidays. You can also quickly read and access this from the Toda

  • Bible

    Bible 8.0.8

    Bible app is the easiest way to read and share the Word of God on your iOS. Get to know the holy scriptures with this free app, featuring more than 50 languages from many well-known modern Bible translations. Access any verse offline or even “airp

  • HOOKED - Chat Stories

    HOOKED - Chat Stories 3.6.6

    An app that allows you to read different kinds of works - for free.. HOOKED O_O allows you to read and find stories that interest you without having to pay for them. Save them right on your phone so that you can read them on the go - if you can find some

  • Scribd - Reading Subscription

    Scribd - Reading Subscription 7.12.2

    An app to help you access an almost infinite list of books. Scribd is an excellent service for avid readers. This app lets you read all the books you can and want, for just $8.99 a month. Once you've got the app open, you'll have to make an acc

  • MB Personality Type

    MB Personality Type 1.4

    Have you ever wanted to know which celebrities have the same personality type as you? How about which personality type is the best romantic match for you? Find your personality and discover insights to yourself with the famous 16 personality types created

  • SkySafari 6

    SkySafari 6 6.0.1

    SkySafari is a powerful planetarium that fits in your pocket, puts the universe at your fingertips, and is incredibly easy to use! Simply hold your device to the sky and quickly locate planets, constellations, satellites, and millions of stars and deep sk

  • Message Bible

    Message Bible 7.12.2

    The Message Bible is Tecarta's Bible app and includes a local version of The Message Bible. You get a very fast app designed for Bible Study, quick navigation and easy note taking.  No other Bible app matches the design, functionality of Tecarta's Bible

  • The Table Mobile

    The Table Mobile 3.5

    The Table is a comprehensive collection of the sermons of Rev. William Marrion Branham in a searchable form. Tap and Play - This links the text to the audio. You can now search for a quote, highlight it, and then press a button to start playing at that l

  • Recipe Slate

    Recipe Slate 1.3

    Recipe Slate provides a collection of recipes, elixirs and ingredients found in Breath of the Wild. You can: - view recipes of meals and favorite them - view elixirs and calculate their duration or amount - choose meals by effect category - view inform