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  • Solitaire Blast – Fairway Card

    Solitaire Blast – Fairway Card 2.8.31

    Learn the basics of golf and play solitaire games. Fairway Solitaire is a card puzzle game featuring several mini games and a complete golf gameplay. This is a battle between gophers and golfers: try to score a high score and keep an eye on the prize. Use

  • Fishdom

    Fishdom 2.7.3

    A match-3 game set under the sea. Are you looking for match-3 puzzle fun that will take you to a journey in the ocean? Welcome to the undersea land of Fishdom: Deep Dive. There are lots of match-3 puzzle fun levels for you to get passed. You can even pla

  • 101-in-1 Games !

    101-in-1 Games ! 1.4.6

    Choose your favorite games and earn lots of points. 101-in-1 Games! is a collection of more than a hundred games in an iOS application. As you play the games, you keep earning points that can be used to unlock other games. These points can be earned for f

  • Angry Birds Blast

    Angry Birds Blast 1.5.1

    Match up the Angry Birds with just one tap throughout several levels. What have I learned from Angry Birds? Pigs are green, mean, and love playing dirty with furious-looking birds. This time, they’ve succeeded in trapping the Angry Birds inside col

  • Panda Pop - Bubble Shooter

    Panda Pop - Bubble Shooter 6.2.015

    A quick and simple bubble-shooter including Pandas. Panda Pop is a classic bubble-shooter game where, besides removing all the bubbles from the screen, you also need to save cute pandas who're trapped between them. SGN is the developer of Panda Pop,

  • Solitaire·

    Solitaire· 4.0

    A basic take on the classic card game that lets you play on the go.. Solitaire has always been a game that captures players for hours and gets easier as you become a better player. With this app, players can play the game without worrying about shuffling

  • Farm Heroes Saga

    Farm Heroes Saga 4.4.7

    Prevent the raccoon from spoiling the farm lands and enjoy the puzzle adventure. From the creators of the widely popular Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga was firstly launched for Facebook and now it's coming to Android and iOS devices, ready to imi

  • Move the Box

    Move the Box 2.4

    Move the Box is a puzzle game in which you have to clear all the boxes by bringing them together. The gameplay is quite simple: in each level you might find a mixed structure made up by different boxes. The purpose is to clear the dock by aligning (horiz

  • WordBrain

    WordBrain 1.24

    A irksome but addicting game that will take hours out of your day.. If you've ever played Boggle or Scrabble, than WordBrain is a game that you will likely enjoy. Figure out the words in the puzzle that will remove all of the letters and allow you t

  • Blackbox :: infamous puzzles

    Blackbox :: infamous puzzles 1.4.7

    I have truly never played a game like this before.. Blackbox is an out of the box puzzle game that you don't actually touch. Instead you have to tap, tilt, yell, and do many more movements to get through each level of this insane puzzle. THE PROS Bl