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  • Sport Clips Huddle

    Sport Clips Huddle 1.0

    The Sport Clips Huddle App is the perfect companion to enhance your Huddle experience. The app is carefully crafted to bring all the most important event information to your fingertips. With the event app, you can do things like - Real-Time push notific

  • Documents (Office Docs)

    Documents (Office Docs) 11.3

    Mobile office tools for Apple devices. Create, edit, and manage all kinds of office files with Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite). Synchronize and organize in conjunction with files on your device or in the cloud (using your Google Drive, Dropbox, Box,

  • LinkedIn Job Search

    LinkedIn Job Search 1.20.5

    The official job search app of LinkedIN. LinkedIN has decided to exploit all the social capital that it's accumulated over the years via its very own social network. The most logical step was a job search app that puts its users and businesses in co

  • Image to text OCR

    Image to text OCR 1.0

    Scan, recognize and convert printed documents into editable, searchable text! Our OCR (Optical character recognition) engine allows you to digitize any printed document such as: articles, letters, receipts, contracts etc. Convert any textual image to di

  • PDF Photos: JPG to PDF

    PDF Photos: JPG to PDF 2.5

    Convert to pdf to easily share photos with friends and colleagues. Choose photo layout, add photos, preview then share pdf. PDF Photos is an easy and intuitive JPG to PDF Converter. Choose 1 photo per page layout for converting photos of documents to pdf.

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader

    Adobe Acrobat Reader 18.01.15

    Fast, high quality PDF viewing and navigation. Adobe Reader it has been carefully developed to view high quality PDF in smartphones small screens. It offers an enhanced experience on it since it adjusts documents content to fit screen size thanks to Text

  • Glassdoor Job Search

    Glassdoor Job Search 6.0.0

    Write reviews of current or previous employers (totally anonymously), good or bad. Sometimes you just wish you could warn future employees about the actual work environment of previous jobs. Your wish has come true. Hello, Glassdoor. Write a review of a

  • Facebook Pages Manager

    Facebook Pages Manager 88.0

    Manage all your Facebook pages in one place. Are you an admin of a Facebook page? Well then, put your pretty little mitts on the Facebook Pages Manager app to get access to all your juicy management tools right from your mobile device. Whether you've

  • Chaufair

    Chaufair 1.0.2

    Chaufair is an app that gives you unlimited free rides to popular destinations in Las Vegas! Download the app, choose from any destinations in our app & book your free ride! Browse from our list of clubs, wineries & exciting places in Las Vegas! Explore m

  • Shapr | Meaningful Networking

    Shapr | Meaningful Networking 3.9.1

    Shapr is the easiest way to build meaningful professional relationships. Swipe for two minutes a day to meet your next business partner, discover new career opportunities, and meet helpful new friends in your city. Conversations started through Shapr have