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  • MarcoPolo Ocean

    MarcoPolo Ocean 3.0.5

    Parents' Choice Gold Award! App Store Best of 2014 and Editors' Choice in 16 Countries! Make dolphins jump. Build a coral reef. Explore the deep sea. Create your own aquarium. These are just some of the fun things you can do with MarcoPolo Ocean, a “digi

  • CSUB Mobile

    CSUB Mobile 1.0

    CSUB Mobile is the official mobile application for California State University, Bakersfield. The app provides many features and quick access to the information you need. Features: • Public Notifications: Get informed on important campus events • Private

  • Mastering Takeoffs & Landings

    Mastering Takeoffs & Landings 1.1.0

    Do you have a perfect landing every time? Neither do we. This companion app to our online video course helps you master your takeoffs and landings. Whether you're trying to stop floating past your landing point, or trying to smooth out your touchdown, yo

  • Learn Thai Language With Ling

    Learn Thai Language With Ling 1.4.9

    Learn Thai from Master Ling! Our Thai language learning app is designed to make learning Thai as easy and as fun as possible! Using a variety of mini games and interactive learning techniques, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the Thai language usin

  • NSCA CSCS Pocket Prep

    NSCA CSCS Pocket Prep 6.4

    Pass the CSCS on your first try! Create customized practice tests, view detailed answer rationales, and review your results with just a few taps. Pocket Prep is your award-winning tool in mobile learning and exam preparation. Pocket Prep allows you to st

  • Pepi Super Stores

    Pepi Super Stores 1.0.36

    Welcome to Pepi Super Stores — the most amazing stores on the planet! Join our characters and explore various shops and activities within. Shopping, playing pranks, creating Your own products and designs, dressing up Your characters, or creating your own

  • TangoRisto - Learn Japanese

    TangoRisto - Learn Japanese 2.1.0

    Learn to read Japanese with TangoRisto, a Japanese reader for language learners. With easy to access furigana and English definitions Tangoristo helps you learn Japanese faster. News articles are updated and processed every day to give you fresh and inter

  • Cool Times Tables Flash Cards

    Cool Times Tables Flash Cards 1.2.6

    Automatic adjusting difficulty based on your multiplication skills! Train yourself, challenge your friends, and see how you rank up against the rest of the world. As your skill rating increases so will the amount of difficult problems you receive. With 5

  • 450 câu hỏi - Ôn thi GPLX

    450 câu hỏi - Ôn thi GPLX 2.1

    - Bạn đang cần tìm một phần mềm hỡ trợ ôn thi lý thuyết bằng lái xe như A1, B2, C... thì đây là thứ bạn cần. - Bạn cần phần mềm vừa ôn thi tốt mà giao diện lại bắt mắt thì đây là thứ bạn cần. Vậy chúng tôi giúp được gì cho bạn: 1. Giúp bạn học và thi lấy

  • codeSpark Academy

    codeSpark Academy 2.14.00

    codeSpark Academy with The Foos is the #1 learn to code program for kids 4-9! Our award-winning app has introduced over 20 million kids in 201 countries to the ABCs of computer science. codeSpark Academy uses a patent pending "no words" interface to teac