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  • Phim Hay - Xem Phim HD Trailer

    Phim Hay - Xem Phim HD Trailer 1.1

    Thế giới giải trí trong tầm tay - Sử dụng ngay đừng bỏ lỡ . Thật khó khăn để tìm kiếm và lựa chọn những bộ phim hay hàng đầu mới khởi chiếu. Đừng lo nay đã có Phim Hay - Xem Phim HD Trailer, Phim Hay sẽ cho phép bạn xem trước các Trailer phim mới ra để bạ

  • Yes Or No? - Questions Game

    Yes Or No? - Questions Game 1.5.0

    Yes or No is a fun and addicting game, perfect for playing on your own or with friends or family. This game contains hundreds of the best hand picked Yes or No questions. Vote which option you prefer and view real time statistics on what option was the

  • Pixely Coloring Book by Number

    Pixely Coloring Book by Number 1.0

    Pixely Coloring Book by Number features: 1. 450+ categories to choose from; 2. 10000+ images for your fun; 3. 500+ Pixel Art puzzles added daily; 4. Flawless experience; 5. Works on every iPhone and iPad; Paint each pixel to the colors by numbers and mak

  • Commands for Alexa Echo Dot

    Commands for Alexa Echo Dot 1.2

    The only social app for people who love Alexa!! Ask for Amazon Alexa with command of the day and Quiz is necessary if you want to unlock the true potential of the device & Alexa! With this app you will learn the secret commands and so much more submitted

  • Hoosier Lottery

    Hoosier Lottery 20.0.1

    With the official Hoosier Lottery app, your favorite Hoosier Lottery games are in the palm of your hand. It’s more convenient than ever to check your tickets, winning numbers, view jackpot amounts, get notifications, and find your nearest retailer, anytim

  • Player IL

    Player IL 1.1

    Take your Music everywhere! רדיו ישראל מביא לכם את החדשות האחרונות, את התחנות המעודכנות וכל זה בלחיצה אחת בלבד. פועלת גם באיזורים בלי קליטת גלי רדיו היכן שיש כיסוי של הרשת הסלולרית. האפליקציה פועלת ברקע ובמסך כבוי. אנא כתבו לנו את ההערות שלכם בתגובות, וני

  • Ninja Shadow / Shall we date?

    Ninja Shadow / Shall we date? 2.2.0

    It is Edo period, and Japan is still a country closed off to the rest of the world. In order to save your village and seek revenge, you must impersonate your twin brother, Village Chief and ninja. But the task at hand is not so easy… as you are his sister

  • BattleRap

    BattleRap 1.2

    Welcome to BattleRap! BattleRap allows you to rap over instrumentals and challenge other useres to rap contests. You can use BattleRap for many purposes. It is the most VERSATILE rap battling/freestyling app out there! Don't want to post raps? Not a pro

  • Lawn Mower Man

    Lawn Mower Man 1.1

    Lawn Mower Man is an incremental indie game that puts you in the shoes of a lawn mowing professional trying to make his way in the world. Mow endless lawns and upgrade your mower to increase its power and unleash fantastic destruction upon grass far and w