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  • Free-fall Free

    Free-fall Free 1.0

    With Free-fall Free, you can get a feel of what the gravity on different planets is like. You will have to save falling eggs from hitting the ground on different planets. This game's features include: * Egg falling according to the gravity on different

  • PolyWords with Pals Deluxe

    PolyWords with Pals Deluxe 1.5.1

    Price reduced to $0.99! Play the original PolyWords™ with your friends. The Deluxe version removes advertisements (improving performance). Takes word searching into a new dimension. The first truly unique twist on word search in the App Store. Don't se

  • Draw RackConnect®

    Draw RackConnect® 1.1

    Award-winning Rackspace Hosting® has joined forces with award-winning Hitcents (of Draw a Stickman fame) to bring you this short business adventure. You're running a business, not a web hosting company, right? Draw your character and then follow the growt

  • Cross Binary

    Cross Binary 1.0

    (Special Note: Fixing several updates for iOS 8) Cr0ss B1nary® is an amazing number game that is easy to learn. Test your math skills using binary and decimal numbers with this App. How to play is simple. Select a challenging game level. Each game co

  • Match Kana

    Match Kana 1.0

    Match Kana is an easy and fun way to improve your Japanese by playing a matching game with the glyphs from Hiragana and Katakana syllabaries. MatchKana includes High resolution graphics for best experience on the Retina display

  • Math Karting By Tinytapps

    Math Karting By Tinytapps 1.1

    Math Karting: A comprehensive racing game for kids, which is easy to play, and also teaches them basic math. Gamified and re-enforced learning takes math and gaming to a whole new level. Play, Learn, and Have Fun! - Consists of Addition , Subtraction ,

  • Wrinkle Shrinker

    Wrinkle Shrinker 1.1

    The Wrinkle Shrinker is a game developed by Jordanian high school students from Amman National School. It’s a first-place winning game of the third cycle of “The App Challenge”; a student-centered competition organized by the King Abdullah II Fund for De

  • Memory Fruit Match

    Memory Fruit Match 1.0

    Our memory and minds need continual exercise to keep active and healthy. Health professionals have now accredited simple memory games as an important factor in improving memory retention and also a major factor in preventing and improving the condition o

  • Tic Tac Five HD

    Tic Tac Five HD 1.0

    Tic Tac Five HD is a fun and challenging paper-and-pencil game for all ages! You can play against a friend or the smart computer. The game is a perfect brain trainer when you only have a short time to spare!

  • GeoShapes

    GeoShapes 1.0

    Geo-shapes Objective: The objective of this game is to help learn to identify different two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes. Scope of the game: Children in the age Group: 1 to 6 years Description: This game has two separate categories two-dime