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  • FreeSector

    FreeSector 1.3

    FreeSector is a simple and addictive spherical puzzle game. The goal is to get the yellow circular sector out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of the way. The red blocks move circularly and the blue ones move along the radius. The game comes

  • Word Scrambler A to Z +

    Word Scrambler A to Z + 2.0

    _____Get this version and save 75%______ Have fun playing this amazing word game..... (Play and learn words) ***Find why all peoples love “Word Scrambler A to Z +" ***Find out the difference among such WORD games. I wish, “Word Scrambler A

  • Word Scrambler Free A to Z +

    Word Scrambler Free A to Z + 2.0

    Have fun playing this amazing word game..... (It's FREE) .....Play and learn words..... ***Find why all peoples love “Word Scrambler A to Z +" ***Find out the difference among such WORD games. I wish, “Word S

  • WordWhizzle Themes

    WordWhizzle Themes 1.2.2

    A new challenge for word nerds of all kinds.. WordWhizzle is kind of like a word search within Scattergories in that you are given a topic and you have to find the requisite words. It gets harder and harder as you go - and nothing is ever the same if you

  • WordBubbles!

    WordBubbles! 1.4.8

    Find every hidden word in the grid and complete all the puzzles. WordBubbles is one of those word games that are always popular no matter what. And it's no different from other similar apps. But this one is highly enjoyable and it won't disappo

  • 94 Seconds - Categories Game

    94 Seconds - Categories Game 5.2

    Write as many words as possible, following the letter and the category. 94 Seconds is a game for training the mind, your vocabulary and quick thinking while presenting a fun game for all ages. First of all, you need to choose your preferred language and t

  • Heads Up!

    Heads Up! 3.9.2

    Party game from Ellen Degeneres where you guess the word on your head before you run out of time. Heads Up! is a digi-version of the classic party game wherein you place a card on your forehead and have to guess it based on everyone else's clues. Whe

  • Languinis

    Languinis 3.82

    A great combination of puzzle and word game with amazing graphics. Languini: Word Challenge is a word game puzzle that mixes your favorite genre with the classic match-3 mechanics. Cobine three or more same colored jewels to uncover the letters and tap o

  • Fight List - Categories Game

    Fight List - Categories Game 2.55.0

    Take on other players and check out who knows the most trivia. How much trivia do you truly know? That’s the question you’ll find out in Fight List for the Android and iOS. After logging in through your Facebook, or signing in temporarily as