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  • Stop - Categories Word Game

    Stop - Categories Word Game 3.7.0

    You might want to download the version you know of this game.. Stop is a game that will remind you of games that have been around for a long time, including board games. You have to spin a wheel and get a letter. Then, from that letter you are to find wo

  • New York Times Crossword

    New York Times Crossword 2.9.1

    Solve the crosswords and practice your vocabulary. NYTime Crossword - Daily Word Puzzle Game is a puzzle for eggheads. The app has a load of crosswords published by the New York Times, as well as other puzzles of a variety of levels. Every day, users can

  • 7 Little Words

    7 Little Words 5.7.2

    Find the seven words that match the clues by combining letter pairs. It's such a pleasure when you can revisit an old favorite from years ago and find that it's still as great a play as ever. 7 Little Words is a timelessly great wordplay puzzle

  • Pictoword: Fun Word Pics Games

    Pictoword: Fun Word Pics Games 2.4.19

    Join the two concepts and guess the new one. PictoWord: 2 Pics, What's the 1 word is a simple puzzle game for iOS that has the following concept: guess the word that is formed by uniting the two pictures presented on the screen. The interface design

  • Crosswords With Friends

    Crosswords With Friends 2.6.1

    You’ll have an easy time with this crosswords game with daily puzzles. In Crosswords with Friends, as the title implies, you’ll play through crossword puzzles with your friends. Available for the Android and iOS, you’ll test your brain

  • QuizUp™

    QuizUp™ 3.9.2

    QuizUp features online real-time quiz battles as you've never seen before. Trivia-like games fan? You shouldn't miss this one. QuizUp is one of the best of its kind featuring online heads-up, over 150.000 questions and mind-blowing design. QuizU

  • COOKING MAMA Let's Cook!

    COOKING MAMA Let's Cook! 1.32.1

    A simulation cooking game for kids.. Enter Mama's kitchen and do everything from slice and dice to squeeze out sausage. Flip burgers and create some delicious meals. When you're done make some dessert. Serve them up to papa at the end. THE PROS

  • 4 Immagini - 1 Parola

    4 Immagini - 1 Parola 8.2.2

    Find the word that is related to all the pictures and pass all the levels. 4 Pics 1 Word is a classic word game for your device that allows you to improve the vocabulary by learning new words and exercising your logic mind. The app includes several levels

  • 94% - Quiz, Trivia & Logic

    94% - Quiz, Trivia & Logic 3.7.7

    A cool trivia game that'll keep you guessing.. 94% is a pretty cool trivia game that has lots of reusability. The images are well-rendered and realistic and the questions are fun and engaging. The questions are logical and will really get you thinki

  • SongPop 2 - Guess The Song

    SongPop 2 - Guess The Song 2.8.8

    Prove you're the one who knows more about music and challenge your friends. Song Pop is an extremely popular game that has arrived to Android ready to break records. You can access with your Facebook account or your mail, so you will be able to compe