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  • P4P 7 Minute Workout

    P4P 7 Minute Workout 1.4.1

    Have you ever thought it possible to work out your entire body in just 7 minutes, burn maximum calories and achieve your desired results? The science behind 7 Minutes not only says it's possible, but that it's one of the best ways you can work out ever!



    Discover Amanda Bisk’s beautiful style of teaching with full length yoga classes and step-by-step guidance to help advance your practise. Join now and enjoy 7 days of yoga for free! Choose from a wide variety of classes that you can instantly access anyw

  • mySleepButton

    mySleepButton 1.4.9

    Relief from sleeplessness with the press of a button. mySleepButton® is a CogSci Apps® invention designed to help you fall asleep. It’s so easy: Just lie in bed, push the “Put Me to Sleep” button, imagine the various descriptions it reads to you, and let

  • Wahoo RunFit

    Wahoo RunFit 1.8.2

    Wahoo RunFit – GPS Fitness Tracking and Heart Rate Training for Cardio, Running, Walking, Gym, Spin, and Strength Workouts Want to lose weight? Want to transform your gym experience? Want to train like an athlete? Get fit with Wahoo RunFit, the ultima

  • Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

    Yoga Studio: Mind & Body 3.9.2

    Yoga Studio provides an almost-complete library of yoga moves and videos, letting you schedule when and where to have your yoga class or when you want to meditate. Yoga classes are costly. Scheduling your yoga classes during the busy season at your job o

  • Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker

    Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker 8.7

    RunKeeper allows you to monitor your fitness activities by using the GPS. If you want to monitor your workout in order to check if you're progressing there are lots of Android apps that can help you in this issue. RunKeeper is a simple and good-looki

  • StrongLifts 5x5 Workout Log

    StrongLifts 5x5 Workout Log 2.9.4

    StrongLift takes your workout to a whole new level.. The StrongLift 5x5 Workout app gives you a step by step guide to a new 5x5 workout. Do the three exercises three days a week and you'll burn fat, built muscle, and get fit. It's easy to set u

  • Clue - Health & Period Tracker

    Clue - Health & Period Tracker 4.0.4

    Period and ovulation tracking app, without the pink or the drama. Half the world deals with periods on a monthly basis. It was high time someone came up with a reliable, attractive tracking app that stayed the hell away from any shade of pink whatsoever.

  • Sworkit: Workouts & Plans

    Sworkit: Workouts & Plans 8.1.1

    Guided, focused, randomized circuit training in 30" intervals instructional images/videos. There's admittedly a certain unique charm held exclusively by drill-sergeant fitness instructors, but perhaps you'd prefer to take your circuit tra

  • Map My Ride by Under Armour

    Map My Ride by Under Armour 18.2.0

    Map out your rides throughout your town.. Take your phone with you on your bike ride, and you will be able to have access to a plethora of details including how far you went, how high you went, how many calories you burned, your heart rate, and more. Add