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  • Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App

    Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App 3.14.1

    Have access to lot of helpful features such as nutritional information and fetal development. Baby Center My Pregnancy Today is a useful Android tool for keeping track of your pregnancy. The first thing you need to do is to enter your baby's due date

  • Fitbit

    Fitbit 2.46

    Fitbit Activity Tracker will help you monitor your food and activity habits. Don't you know Fitbit? I recommend you to give a tour through their site since it's way more than a simple app: it's an ecosystem of gadgets, profession

  • Period Tracker Period Calendar

    Period Tracker Period Calendar 1.5.2

    Track your period and ovulation dates. My Calendar - Period Tracker is a comprehensive tool for women who want to track their periods and ovulation days to keep their calendar organized and maybe try to get pregnant. The first thing you'll need to d

  • Map My Run by Under Armour

    Map My Run by Under Armour 18.2.0

    An exercise tracker with a great design. Fans of fitness! Run With Map My Run is a helpful tracker application for runners and joggers. Join the network and start tracking your times and the distance run. Set your preferences, as Coaching, live tracking,

  • 8fit Workouts & meal planner

    8fit Workouts & meal planner 3.1.1

    An excellent fitness application to achieve your objectives. 8fit - Workouts and meal plans is an interesting fitness application that helps you eat healthy and get fit thanks to various workout exercises. The first thing you need to do is to create an a

  • Fitbod Workout Tracker Gym Log

    Fitbod Workout Tracker Gym Log 3.0.3

    A great app that helps weightlifters and body builders make their goals.. Fitbod Workout Planner helps you to log your fitness so that you can create a healthy lifestyle. It works in real time to allow you to work all parts of your body at the best time,

  • Simple Habit - Meditation

    Simple Habit - Meditation 4.11.0

    Select your free time, tap on your situations, and prepare to mellow out. Let’s face it. Modern life is very, very stressful. There’s work, family life, and even dealing with simple relationships. For those looking to take a quick 5-minute br

  • Weight Watchers

    Weight Watchers 6.3.1

    Track calories, get support and--with some serious willpower--lose weight. Weight Watchers is a respected weight loss program that has been proven to get results. It's not free, and it's not easy, but the combination of lifestyle monitoring and

  • Nike+ Run Club

    Nike+ Run Club 5.13.0

    Record your running distance and set new limits for your health goals. I’m not a huge fitness fan, but I do occasionally go out running. Nike+ Running became one of my favorite apps once I tried it out. Right from the get-go, this app looks and fee

  • Headspace: Meditation

    Headspace: Meditation 3.15.0

    . Forget the yogi on the mountain. Headspace gives you a huge variety of tools for achieving serenity here and now. Access guided daily meditations developed especially for the app, plus scientific data and progress reports as regards your calm and clarit