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  • Sleeptot - Baby White Noise

    Sleeptot - Baby White Noise 1.0.3

    "A life saver for sleep deprived parents! My baby slept through the night for the first time with Sleeptot."– Ella S "Wish I had found this app sooner. My little girl sleeps instantly with the white noise sound" – Kate F Babies aren’t used to silence. T

  • modelFIT Online

    modelFIT Online 3.9

    The renowned fitness studio modelFIT brings their acclaimed sculpting and toning workouts into your home with this easy to use app. modelFIT pioneered and customized an approach to mindful and dynamic movement that builds graceful strength and confident p

  • Social Steps

    Social Steps 1.1.2

    Set your daily goal Choose the number of steps to walk each day and let us track your progress. With friends Add your friends and see who is meeting their goals. Push yourself Walk your goal every day and let your friends push you further. Compete and

  • Astound - Personal Voice Coach

    Astound - Personal Voice Coach 1.0.12

    Become a better speaker with the Astound app. We'll help you build a more confident and stronger voice through vocal, breathing, stretching, and articulation exercises. We believe your voice can be the most effective communication tool. Strengthening it

  • Fit-Stitch Progress Tracker

    Fit-Stitch Progress Tracker 5.5

    Fit-stitch makes awesome, customizable before & after pictures in a few taps. What people are saying about Fit-Stitch: "This app is fantastic! Track your progress, include a passcode to protect your pictures, it's private and the reminders are great!!!

  • Primed Mind - Motivation Coach

    Primed Mind - Motivation Coach 1.6.4

    Unlock your potential, be better, be primed for anything with Primed Mind mindset coaching. You will experience the same visualization and goal-setting techniques used to train the world’s most notable phenoms. With the guidance of your personal mindset

  • Fittbe Daily Pilates Workouts

    Fittbe Daily Pilates Workouts 5.9

    Pilates with Fittbe: Give yourself "The Gift of Fit!" Live your best fit life and give yourself unlimited Pilates video workouts in the palm of your hand. With an always expanding catalog of videos from Fittbe Pilates creator, Kira Elste, you will always

  • Brainbuddy: Porn Addiction

    Brainbuddy: Porn Addiction 8.0.5

    *Celebrating 1,000,000 downloads. As featured in TIME magazine.* Addicted to porn and masturbation? Reboot your brain. Reboot your life. Brainbuddy is designed to rewire your brain, freeing you from sexual addiction so you become stronger, smarter and

  • mySleepButton

    mySleepButton 1.4.7

    Relief from sleeplessness with the press of a button. mySleepButton® is a CogSci Apps® invention designed to help you fall asleep. It’s so easy: Just lie in bed, push the “Put Me to Sleep” button, imagine the various descriptions it reads to you, and let

  • ELEVEN by Venus

    ELEVEN by Venus 1.2

    Fashion-forward athletic apparel brand owned, operated and designed by tennis legend Venus Williams. Featuring new collections, fantastic savings and frequently updated products.