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  • Get Usernames For Kik Friends

    Get Usernames For Kik Friends 3.0

    -Find Kik Friends to add on Kik Messenger and start chatting immediately! -Add your profile, filter users by age and interests, gender, swipe through profiles, grab their usernames and message them on Kik. -Press ‘Boost Me!' to promote your Kik profile

  • Sontra - Mehr als Mitte

    Sontra - Mehr als Mitte 5.605 - Mehr als Mitte ist genau Deine Stadtplattform, wenn du in oder um Sontra lebst und aktiv bist. Wir verbinden verschiedenste Seiten rund um den Einzelhandel, Gastronomie, Gesundheit & Fitness, Bildung, Sport, Musik, Politik, Kunst & Kultur

  • Timehut - Babybook & Milestone

    Timehut - Babybook & Milestone 5.2.7

    Used by millions of parents around the world, Timehut has always been devoted to being the most professional parenting app to record your baby’s growth and development. With Timehut, you can: √ Store all your child’s photos and videos securely online Y

  • My Church by echurch

    My Church by echurch 1.3

    The My Church app by echurch is the new central hub for connecting with your church from your phone. Just download the My Church app, search for your church, and connect your phone to your church’s custom app experience. From then on, the My Church app wi

  • My Days X ™

    My Days X ™ 3.087

    Predict your ovulation and period dates easily. With this useful app you'll be able to track all the important dates in your cycle, such as your period and ovulation. My Days - Period & Ovulation consists of a simple calendar where you can add yo

  • Redfin Real Estate

    Redfin Real Estate

    Redfin Real Estate is the "on-the-go" version of Real Estate agents. It provides some of the info available in the web version. You can see photos of Real Estate houses, access to full details, property history, agents' reviews and much mor

  • Hairstyle Magic Mirror HD

    Hairstyle Magic Mirror HD 3.2.0

    Magic Mirror lets you play with dozens of hairstyles.. Requires Adobe Air. Magic Mirror is halfway between the fun and casual app and something more elaborate and useful. It may not be suitable for a professional use, but it can help to get some ideas bef

  • Feeld Dating

    Feeld Dating 4.0.3

    Dating for open-minded couples & singles. With a new look, feel and features, Feeld is here to open up the future of human attachment. Whether into polyamory or not into sharing, you can find your people and explore your curiosities in a space designed fo

  • MeetFor - Meet locals

    MeetFor - Meet locals 1.0

    MeetFor lets you find people in your area, who are interested in doing same things that you like to do and when you like to do. Our motto is simple “don’t give in to FOMO” make things happen and if none of your friends are not into the stuff you are into

  • Remote for LG TV Plus

    Remote for LG TV Plus 1.0

    Lost or misplaced your home remote? Maybe you just want to control your TV from your phone? This is the perfect app for you if you have the following equipment- -DirectTV cable box -LG TV -Roku Control your TV and don't give up control again!