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Medical Iphone Apps Games

  • BMH Care Anywhere

    BMH Care Anywhere 10.3.300

    Beaufort Memorial’s Care Anywhere app provides the medical care you need, when and where you need it. Convenient, secure, confidential, and hassle free—BMH Care Anywhere offers a 10-minute virtual visit with a board-certified healthcare professional who

  • HemeQuiz1

    HemeQuiz1 1.2

    Highlights & Features: ** Hundreds of Hematology and Hematopathology questions with full explanations made for medical students, CLS students and MLT students * Also very useful for residents and fellows with interest in Hematology/ Hematopathology * E

  • PMH SecureConnect

    PMH SecureConnect 1.4

    PMH SecureConnect app powered by Zyter enhances collaboration between all caregivers at PMH, facilitating secure, context-aware engagement that results in better outcomes and enables intelligence and analytics, leading to rich user experience and smart de

  • Companion InPen® App

    Companion InPen® App 3.6.7

    Discover a step forward in diabetes management. The InPen® system combines a Bluetooth® insulin pen and an easy-to-use iOS app to provide a simple solution to the constant tracking, monitoring, and calculating necessary for successful insulin therapy. In

  • Daily Anatomy Flashcards

    Daily Anatomy Flashcards 1.3

    *Reach your goals* Starting to learn anatomy can be overwhelming, but it shouldn't be. Daily Anatomy can be used without any prior knowledge. It starts with the basics, and challenges your brain more and more over time. Learning with Daily Anatomy is no

  • 280days : Pregnancy Diary App

    280days : Pregnancy Diary App 1.6.7

    Use 280days to enjoy your pregnancy experience together!! Manage both your health and memories well! The ultimate pregnancy application to watch baby's growth. * Baby chatters to you every day! * * Both partners make a pregnancy diary to enjoy together

  • Best Doctors Member App

    Best Doctors Member App 1.0

    As a Best Doctors member, you can have your medical diagnosis, treatment plan, including surgery options, and any medical questions reviewed and answered by a carefully selected expert physician who specializes in your condition. The new Best Doctors Memb

  • OutcomeMD

    OutcomeMD 1.0

    OutcomeMD helps patients and doctors follow their treatment results and make more informed medical decisions.  In the process, a robust office note is auto-populated that helps the doctor document appropriately for the highest E&M level of service possibl

  • GetBetter – Fight diabetes

    GetBetter – Fight diabetes 3.5

    Anonymous and secure GetBetter app helps people with diabetes fight disease together and cut down expenses on doctors. From now on, learn from your neighbors with diabetes how to deal with everyday issues and feel better together. Install first anonymous

  • ModYourBod Cosmetic Surgery Simulator

    ModYourBod Cosmetic Surgery Simulator 4.2.0

    Your dream figure, at your fingertips The prospect of plastic surgery is both exciting and daunting. We would all love the opportunity to change what we don’t like about our bodies and faces, but there is always a measure of concern and uncertainty. We c