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Medical Iphone Apps Games

  • Hidoc Dr.

    Hidoc Dr. 1.2.3

    Hidoc Dr. assists Doctors to 10x their learning in 1/10x of the time through relevant Medifacts (Back to College), thoughtful Health Tips and Educational Virtual Clinics. Back to College brings Doctors detailed Articles, relevant Images and thorough Vide

  • Baby Growth Chart Percentile +

    Baby Growth Chart Percentile + 1.1.6

    We use the OFFICIAL growth standards from the authoritative organizations World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to plot, automatically calculate and graph your baby or child's growth curves. • Accurate p

  • 420 STAT

    420 STAT 1.1

    Find the closest medical marijuana quickly with 420 STAT. Locate drivers in your immediate area, view their menu, and contact the provider of your choice. 420 STAT is a safe and efficient platform for patients to locate cannabis medicine in approved areas

  • Weedguide - Marijuana Search

    Weedguide - Marijuana Search 1.0.6

    Weedguide is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use new app for everything cannabis! Find details on thousands of marijuana strains, plus locate dispensaries and cannabis businesses nearby. Browse over a million articles on topics like current news and le

  • Proteus Discover

    Proteus Discover 3.2.0

    This app is part of the FDA cleared Proteus Discover® program available by prescription only. WHAT IT DOES Discover automatically keeps track of every medication you take with the Proteus sensor so you’ll know you’re up to date or if you’ve missed a dos

  • DAF/FAF Aid

    DAF/FAF Aid 4.3

    The DAF/FAF Aid implements the methods DAF (Delayed Auditory Feedback) and FAF (Frequency Altered Feedback) that have been shown to significantly reduce stuttering for most people who stutter. The app works by recording the speech through your headset, ap

  • Mobile Lactation Consultant

    Mobile Lactation Consultant 5.0.150

    OVERVIEW : Mobile Lactation Consultant is the premier electronic charting and patient health records software for the iPad and iPhone. Lactation Consultants hand their iPad to the client and they fill out their entire health history and sign all document

  • Lung Nodule Manager (2017)

    Lung Nodule Manager (2017) 7.1

    Indeterminate lung nodules are frequently discovered on CT imaging - either incidentally or during low-dose lung cancer screening. The most up-to-date guidelines for managing incidentally discovered lung nodules and lung nodules discovered during lung sc