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  • myControl App

    myControl App 2.0.0

    The myControl App gives you effortless hearing tailored to your individual lifestyle. It does more than enable direct streaming, it also sends information to your hearing aids for the best possible hearing while you are on the move, ensuring your relaxati

  • TecTrack

    TecTrack 1.5

    TecTrack is an app brought to you by Biogen, to help you keep track of your Tecfidera® (dimethyl fumarate) treatment. Download the application to: * Track daily doses and common side effects * Set up personalized treatment reminders * Keep track of your p

  • Sleep Recorder Plus Lite

    Sleep Recorder Plus Lite 3.2

    This application consists of three modules: RECORDER, SMART ALARM, STOP SNORING. RECORDER Records your talk or snoring while you are asleep (automatic or manual sensitivity level, records only snoring using smart snoring detection), creates the graph of



    Aplikasi Mobile yang akan digunakan oleh pasien untuk melakukan pendaftaran dan informasi yang terhubung dengan system rumah sakit dan akan diketahui oleh dokter. yang bermanfaat untuk mempermudah pasien dalam melakukan pendaftaran, mempermudah pasien unt

  • GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions

    GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions 5.1.0

    Find the cheapest medicine you need near you. If you take prescription pills on the regular, GoodRx can help you find the cheapest location nearby to get them. Enter your US zip code (sorry, international folks - the app only works in America the Beautifu

  • Heart Rate Monitor - Pulse App Tracker

    Heart Rate Monitor - Pulse App Tracker 1.1

    Use this App to measure your heart rate. How to use the heart rate monitor? To use this heartbeat counter, just put your finger on the phone's camera and stay still, the heart rate is shown after few seconds. App Future: - Measure your heart rate with

  • Spectrum Health MedNow

    Spectrum Health MedNow 1.0.4

    Have you ever wished you didn’t need to leave home to be treated for a cough or the flu? Are you currently in the state of Michigan? With our MedNow App you can be seen 24/7/365. We provide medical care for conditions such as cold/flu, nausea/vomiting, pi

  • Pulse Postop Care

    Pulse Postop Care 3.0.5

    Simplify Recovery. Streamline Care. Optimize Outcomes. Pulse was created with these three goals in mind to help patients and providers improve post-operative recovery. This platform facilitates educating the patient and improving communication between the

  • POTS Tracker

    POTS Tracker 1.2

    POTS tracker is made for patients suffering from Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome who wish to track their daily symptoms and observe the process of their recovery. This application tracks values such as heart rate, blood pressure, intensity of he

  • 280days : Pregnancy Diary App

    280days : Pregnancy Diary App 1.6.6

    Use 280days to enjoy your pregnancy experience together!! Manage both your health and memories well! The ultimate pregnancy application to watch baby's growth. * Baby chatters to you every day! * * Both partners make a pregnancy diary to enjoy together