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Medical Iphone Apps Games

  • KindMind

    KindMind 1.1.3

    KindMind is a platform that offers access to mental health treatment via video therapy sessions, fun and innovative mood tracking, and a community support forum--all your mental wellness needs in one place! Search our marketplace of licensed therapists an

  • Planned Parenthood Direct - CA

    Planned Parenthood Direct - CA 1.4.9

    Planned Parenthood Direct - California provides a convenient way to order birth control pills and get treatment for UTIs (urinary tract infections) from your smartphone! ORDER BIRTH CONTROL PILLS ON YOUR PHONE You can now use the Planned Parenthood Direc

  • Glucose Monitor

    Glucose Monitor 3.4.2

    Glucose Monitor turns your device into a personal glucose and weight monitor. It comes with lifetime data visualization, statistics reporting, email import/export, built-in reminders and much more. It can also be upgraded to track your blood pressure, wei

  • Tinnitracks - Tinnitus Therapie

    Tinnitracks - Tinnitus Therapie 1.4.2

    Ihre Lieblingsmusik gegen Tinnitus! Nutzen Sie die in Studien belegte Wirksamkeit der TMNMT-Therapie mit dem prämierten Medizinprodukt Tinnitracks.* Mit Tinnitracks erhalten Sie einen zuverlässigen Zugang zu einer erprobten neuroakustischen Tinnitus-Ther

  • Brain Science App

    Brain Science App 2.4.1

    The Brain Science App is for everyone who is curious about how our brains make us who we are. It is popular with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. You don’t need a science degree to enjoy this show, but if you are a physician or a scientist you w

  • Pedi QuikCalc

    Pedi QuikCalc 4.2

    Pedi QuikCalc is the fastest, most up-to-date medical calculator for pediatrics! * LISTED #1 in Contemporary Pediatrics review "Top 10 apps for pediatrics" (Feb 2017) * RANKED #3 in the Pediatric Annals review "10 Useful Apps for Everyday Pediatric Use"

  • iLipo by Aristocrat Plastic Surgery

    iLipo by Aristocrat Plastic Surgery 4.2.0

    Meet a slimmer, more youthful version of you! If you're considering plastic surgery, you've probably got dozens of questions… and this interactive iPhone application, iLipo, has the answers you need. Take a few minutes to learn more about the life-changi

  • Turning The Pages (TTP)

    Turning The Pages (TTP) 1.26.15

    Gain insights from the curators in the History of Medicine division of the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) as you virtually turn the pages of rare medical books and manuscripts from the Library's collections. Library patrons typically cannot acce

  • Practo Pro - For Doctors

    Practo Pro - For Doctors 7.2

    India’s #1 app for doctors Modern. Professional. Powerful. Practo Pro is the new dawn in healthcare - an extremely powerful app for doctors that uses the convenience of technology (practice management software and more) to make healthcare simpler for doc

  • STD Triage Ask dermatologist

    STD Triage Ask dermatologist 5.0.1

    Are you worried that you may have a sexually transmitted disease (STD)? STD Triage anonymously connects you to a board-certified dermatologist in under 24 hours. To use, simply download the app, take two pictures of your skin problem (rashes, bumps, inti