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Medical Iphone Apps Games

  • MedShr: Discuss Clinical Cases

    MedShr: Discuss Clinical Cases 4.0

    Facebook App of the Year, Social Good Award 2016. Developed by doctors, MedShr is the easiest & safest way for medical professionals to discover, discuss and share clinical cases and medical images. Join our community and connect with thousands of verifie

  • OnTrack Diabetes

    OnTrack Diabetes 2.0

    OnTrack allows you to quickly and easily keep track of everything you need to manage your diabetes. Features include: - Quickly and easily track blood glucose, hemoglobin A1c, food, weight and many others - Generate detailed graphs and reports to share

  • Pregnancy pocket

    Pregnancy pocket 3.0

    This application is the most convenient way to keep track of your labor contractions. I created this application for use during my own wife's labor and have paid special attention to keeping the interface as clean and clutter free as possible. You have

  • Pierwsza Pomoc Nestlé

    Pierwsza Pomoc Nestlé 1.04

    Aplikacja Pierwsza Pomoc powstała z inicjatywy Nestlé, w ramach programu edukacyjnego Nestlé Zdrowy Start w Przyszłość, we współpracy z Panem Kamilem Kasiakiem - doświadczonym ratownikiem medycznym Ogólnopolskiej Kampanii „Bezpieczny Maluch” . Aplikacja

  • MyBSWHealth

    MyBSWHealth 3.6.1

    Baylor Scott & White Health is making health care as mobile as you are with its MyBSWHealth App. The app provides one source to care for all of your health care needs whenever it’s convenient for you. With the app, you can: - Access your personal healt

  • BoneBox™ - Skull Viewer

    BoneBox™ - Skull Viewer 2.1.0

    The BoneBox™ Skull Viewer is compatible with the New iPad and the iPad 2. Due to the extremely high resolution models and textures, this app is not compatible with the first generation iPad. OVERVIEW The BoneBox™ Skull Viewer is a real-time 3D medical ed



    Aplikasi Mobile yang akan digunakan oleh pasien untuk melakukan pendaftaran dan informasi yang terhubung dengan system rumah sakit dan akan diketahui oleh dokter. yang bermanfaat untuk mempermudah pasien dalam melakukan pendaftaran, mempermudah pasien unt

  • Power Nap HQ: Sleep tracking

    Power Nap HQ: Sleep tracking 1.2

    * As featured in LifeHacker and * Recharge with Power Nap HQ. Get just the right amount of sleep to feel your best for the rest of the day. A short nap of 10-30 minutes does wonders for your thinking and productivity. But napping too long

  • OTTO Health

    OTTO Health 3.0

    OTTO is the first video platform that connects patients and doctors. Using HD video on your device, you can visit your doctor right away or schedule an appointment for later. It’s as easy as that—because getting treated should be easy. -- We know that