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  • Relative Pitch Interval Ear Training

    Relative Pitch Interval Ear Training 1.16.2

    ⇒ Featured by Apple on the App Store front page, RelativePitch has helped over 130,000 musicians improve their ears "Whether you are a seasoned musician or a complete beginner, RelativePitch will have you listening with a sharpened ear and a greater appr

  • Senode - Graph Sequencer

    Senode - Graph Sequencer 1.0.2

    SENODE - GRAPHICAL STEP SEQUENCER SENODE is a new music composition app for iPad. It extends the concept of linear step sequencers to a freely connectable graph with an unlimited number of instruments traveling along the edges. The simple "finite state m

  • Export Audio

    Export Audio 1.5.1

    This app extract audio from videos. Select a video from Photos app. Set an extraction time, enter an audio file name, and choose an audio format. Then extract. You can open with other apps and share the extracted audio. Supported audio formats are:

  • Melobee

    Melobee 1.1.4

    Are you ready to find new music from all around the world in just a swipe? Choose your favourite genres and discover new amazing artists. Vote on the songs you love, watch music videos and make your own playlists. Melobee has been created for talented art

  • Music Theory Pro

    Music Theory Pro 2.1.1

    Theory and Ear Training in one slick package. 130,000 downloads! Top musicians practice....a lot. If you are serious about mastering theory and ear training, this app is designed to make practicing fun! You will be presented with a note, key signature, i

  • CascadeFM

    CascadeFM 1.1

    Discover and listen to the best independent artist music all in one place. This platform connects fans, independent artists and local businesses. Cascade.FM acts as an intermediary to assure all parties can share mutual and proportional growth. Our col

  • LightSignature

    LightSignature 1.1

    Dive into music creation and production using the LightSignature Mobile App. Select the key signature and mode that you want to play in, and automatically play the correct notes on the piano. Serving as a standalone instrument, a midi controller, or a m

  • Spotify Music

    Spotify Music 8.4.37

    Spotify is the official iOS app of the well-known online streaming music service. Bear in mind that you only will be able to use Spotify if you have a Premium subscription. Mobile version layout is quite similar to its desktop version. The way everything

  • Amazon Music

    Amazon Music 7.4.0

    Amazon Music makes it easy to stream or listen to your favorite music. Amazon Music (or Amazon MP3), available on Android and iOS, is a portable streaming music service available for Amazon shoppers and Prime subscribers. When you start up the app, you h

  • iHeartRadio

    iHeartRadio 8.9.0

    The perfect radio for the perfect moment. Radio is still an excellent tool to discover new bands and hits. Despite we have music streaming services, the radio format hasn't disappeared because there's the perfect way to discover music passively.