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  • Video & TV Cast | Samsung TV

    Video & TV Cast | Samsung TV 1.14

    An excellent way to get multimedia content from iPhone to TV. Video & TV cast lets you send video from your mobile device to a Roku box. It supports pretty much anything--from Youtube clips to Camera Roll home movies--with no time limit and no ads. T

  • Facetune for iPad

    Facetune for iPad 2.7.1

    Customize your pictures and make them look perfect. Facetune is a funny photo editor for making your selfies way more shiny and attractive. This is a highly complete application with plenty of tools to achieve the perfect result you were looking for. How

  • Face Swap Live

    Face Swap Live 2.1.8

    When you can get it right, this works extremely well.. Face Swap Live is a great app that will provide you with tons of laughs. Swap faces with your friends, celebrities, and even your dog! All you have to do is line it up with the easy to use guide. THE

  • Polarr Photo Editor

    Polarr Photo Editor 4.4.6

    Used by the world's most professional portrait and landscape photographers, Polarr offers advanced auto-enhance tools and sophisticated filters to edit every detail of your photo. • Advanced suite of face-editing tools • Complete set of color masking an

  • Microphone for GoPro

    Microphone for GoPro 1.1

    Myk for GoPro, turns your iPhone into a wireless microphone for your GoPro camera. Manage your GoPro settings with no internet connection or login required. Use your iPhone, or connect your favorite corded or Bluetooth headset, including AirPods. You

  • iPad App for Roku

    iPad App for Roku 1.0

    It's as easy as entering your TV's IP address to start controlling! This is the ultimate app for anybody with a Roku TV. What are you waiting for?! Get this app today!

  • Eversafe Photo Vault–Hide foto

    Eversafe Photo Vault–Hide foto 1.0.2

    Eversafe: the best photo locker and album vault app. Ever safe secures personal photos and videos by locking them down with PIN protection, and military-grade encryption. It’s the best place for hiding personal pictures and videos. With Eversafe, you can

  • Glitch Art Cam - Video Editor

    Glitch Art Cam - Video Editor 1.1

    Glitch Art Cam is the ultimate way to edit your photos and videos to an artistic way! In this app you can edit photos and videos with different king of glitches and effects. Add your favourite music to the videos and text to your photos with beautiful f

  • Chromascreen

    Chromascreen 1.07

    For the discerning VFX supervisor or filmmaker comes RocketJump's Chromascreen - a simple filmmaking tool for phone or tablet screen replaces in post production. With Chromascreen, you can generate a greenscreen or bluescreen background with easily keyabl