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  • Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

    Sonic Forces: Speed Battle 0.0.5

    World-famous SONIC THE HEDGEHOG is back! RUN and COMPETE with real players from around the world. Find out who is the MASTER of speed! SPRINT, JUMP, SLIDE and SET TRAPS against other fans in crazy real-time MULTIPLAYER races. Download and start your battl

  • LightBike 2

    LightBike 2 2.5.6

    As a sequel of earlier worldwide mega hit, LightBike2 has finally come back with juiced up updates. Drive through the cyber space as fast as the light, and have dead heat battles with opponents all over the world! * With simple operations, anyone can h

  • Hot Mod Racer

    Hot Mod Racer 1.2

    *** FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME *** Get ready for head-to-head, player vs. player, 3D stunt racing. Awesome cars, jumps, tricks and action packed multiplayer racing against real players from around the world. - Awesome race tracks with huge jumps - Crazy stu

  • Sheeple Chase

    Sheeple Chase 1.8

    Let's Race! Guide a turbo-charged sheep to victory against his farmyard foes! Race through loads of crazy courses - jam-packed with jumps, speed-ups and challenging obstacles like cows, tractors, rivers, hay-bales, barns, chickens and even buses on the m

  • Payback 2 Pro

    Payback 2 Pro 2.101

    "Bite sized, action-packed stages; boils down the GTA flavor to an intense punch" - Gaming App of The Day - "[Payback 2] manages to create a sense of overblown fun that permeates everything from straightforward races to capture the

  • RunwayZ

    RunwayZ 1.2.1

    RunwayZ Tap the screen to change the ball's direction! Collect diamonds to score points! Catch coins to unlock new balls! Don't fall down! Enjoy!