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Racing Iphone Apps Games

  • Truck Simulator USA

    Truck Simulator USA 1.8.0

    Want to know what driving an 18 Wheeler feels like? Truck Simulator USA offers a real trucking experience that will let you explore amazing locations. This American Truck Simulator features many semi truck brands, with realistic engine sounds and detailed

  • Drift Straya Online

    Drift Straya Online 1.1

    Drift Straya Online is the first drift racing game with such amount of aussie legends. Win most wanted cars, burn tyres on Sydney track, explore Uluru suburbs and enjoy unique retro style of the game! REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER Battle with other players in re

  • Make Three Dogs From Temple Jump 2015

    Make Three Dogs From Temple Jump 2015 1.4

    Make the three dogs jump over the obstacles while they are running! Over 500 M Start feeling your heart beating faster. Over 1000 M Feels like you are running at the speed of light. *** Once downloading this game,you can not stop playing it ***

  • Hot Dog Downtown Dispatch

    Hot Dog Downtown Dispatch 1.0

    Hot Dog Downtown Dispatch is one of the Most addictive fun 3D game! Drive on this amazing vehicle on stunning terrains. Game Features - Incredible physics engine that provides realistic-looking vehicle - Unique ,Easy and smooth gameplay - Exciting - Di

  • Extreme Car Driving Stunts

    Extreme Car Driving Stunts 1.2

    From the makers of Driving Academy and High School Driving Test, comes another giant – Extreme Car Driving Stunts! Are you geared up to take the stunt car racing challenge? Along with a crazy stunt environment and smashing cars, drive on tracks with obje

  • LoL Kart

    LoL Kart 1.1.7

    Start your engines for the race of your life in this FREE MULTIPLAYER Racing game filled with WACKY KARTS & POP CULTURE’s most popular icons. GAME FEATURES: - Race with OVER 30 POPULAR & WACKY KARTS - Jump, rush, drift, and EJECT YOUR OPPONENTS FROM THE

  • Police Dog Airport Crime Chase

    Police Dog Airport Crime Chase 2.0

    The security of the airport is in your hands now. Trained as the professional cop dog you are playing as the police dog chasing criminals on airport. Sniff, chase and find wanted criminals and illegal items. Some people might be carrying some suspicious i

  • Fix My Bike: 3D Mechanic LITE

    Fix My Bike: 3D Mechanic LITE 1.47

    Extreme motorcycle mechanic WANTED! Dare to dream it all in a race to build, repair, detail, customize, and mod a furious and awesome sport bike. This 3D mechanic simulator has all the custom mods, fast parts and best tools you could ever need! In the tr