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Role Playing Iphone Apps Games

  • God of Era: Epic Heroes War

    God of Era: Epic Heroes War 1.5

    Gods of Era revolves around the fierce battles of heroes When the Magical power was liberated, the world broke out, casting the world into dark and chaos. A new Legendary order needs to be established, and this is the time that war begins. The Epic Hero

  • Castle Battle - New TD Game

    Castle Battle - New TD Game 1.0.3101

    Challenge new Brain and Strategy TD game: Castle Battle, fight your battle now! the castle of Elester was attacked and occupied by unknown magical creatures! The castle is in chaos every corner! You are named the king of the castle. Duty of defend cas

  • Battle Team

    Battle Team 1.0.24656

    ■■ Game Features ■■ A new SF RPG that has never been released has finally arrived. War of the stars! You can be the best commander! Lead the Nova army right now! ■ Personality strong Nova and fun of strategy! Complete the ultimate team! More than 300 her

  • Item shop - crafting game

    Item shop - crafting game 4.3.0

    -Put items up for sale and make some money! Sell the items by placing them on the counter. Sometimes customers may request to buy a certain item. When the player is not in the shop, Mimi the cat will take the place to sell the item instead. -You can als

  • CivCrafter

    CivCrafter 2.5

    Build and manage your civilization - in a clicker game. CivCrafter is a cross between a clicker game (does anyone remember cookie clicker?) and a city builder. You must tap to get resources, or employ citizens to collect them for you, and it becomes very

  • Lords Mobile

    Lords Mobile 1.57

    A multiplayer RPG with expansive environments and lots of characters. Are you ready to become a Lord of your mobile device? In this expansive real time strategy multiplayer fantasy game, you must find allies and build your guild. Do you have what it take

  • Warlords of Aternum

    Warlords of Aternum 0.34.1

    EPIC STRATEGY. HEROIC PROPORTIONS. The turn-based strategy game built exclusively for mobile. Meet your enemies on the hex battlefield, and put your tactics to the test. Recruit, train and build your army to battle and conquer every opponent. Collect and

  • Infinite Defense-TPS MOBA

    Infinite Defense-TPS MOBA 0.1.28

    In Infinite Defense, you will control different heroes in shooting battles. Accomplish missions, take down the other team. Step on the battlefield, and create your brilliant career. Game Features Free to play, fair to win You can obtain every contain in

  • My Tamagotchi Forever

    My Tamagotchi Forever 0.2

    Raise your very own Tamagotchi characters, and share your adventures with your friends! Your Tamagotchi character needs your daily care to stay healthy and happy. Keep it well fed, washed, and entertained, then meet other Tamagotchi friends in town for mo

  • Call Elf on the Shelf for Xmas

    Call Elf on the Shelf for Xmas 1.0

    Yeep, Christmas is soon and you want to call the elf on the shelf! Oh Yes, you can, with the app call elf on the shelf for christmas to enjoy with your family's and your friends. The app have this features Among them: - Receive Calls from Elf, and the c