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  • Jagged Escape

    Jagged Escape 1.0

    Will you Escape? Your Mission: Escape and Un Lock six Sectors. Then collect the Gold Bars to Un Lock your Escape path. Zig Zag your way through the jagged maze Sectors, whilst collecting points and Gold along your way. Fly through Portals to go through

  • Escape Flash

    Escape Flash 1.1.0

    EscapeFlash is a new escape game that requires no advanced puzzle-solving skills. All you need is a brain for remembering a way to escape the room, and fingers for fast and accurate touch operations. Method of escaping the room is shown at the beginning

  • Parking Escape

    Parking Escape 1.1

    The goal of this game is to get your car out of a six-by-six grid full of automobiles by moving the other vehicles out of its way. Parking Escape is a simple and a nice game. How to play Parking Escape: • you need to move your car to the exit • horizont

  • Lucky's Escape

    Lucky's Escape 1.0

    Help Lucky the rabbit solve puzzles in concocted lab experiments to keep his unwitting captors happy while he secretly plots his escape. Lucky: Focus Lucky’s newly acquired telekinetic abilities to activate numerous gadgets and navigate through obstacle

  • Caveboy Escape

    Caveboy Escape 1.5

    New - Help Caveboy escapes the new haunted Arctic zone!! Caveboy Escape offers innovative puzzle gameplay, utilizing subtle match-3 and connecting tile gameplay that feels fresh and will tickle puzzle gamers’ brains. It takes a keen eye and quick thinkin

  • Evil Escape!!!

    Evil Escape!!! 2.2

    'Evil Escape!!!' is a point and click adventure game with a scary experience that take place inside a haunted house. Your goal is to destroy this wicked house and all the evil that is inside. The game has a lost of puzzles that will give you hours of game

  • Aby Escape

    Aby Escape 2.1.3

    Run Aby, Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuun !!! Help poor Aby, the unluckiest and clumsiest raccoon, escape from his assailants. Whether being pursued by the hunters in his native forest, by the police in town or by the bikers on Route 66.5, Aby never stops running to esc

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