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  • Cat Sounds & Dog Sounds

    Cat Sounds & Dog Sounds 5.0

    Cat Sounds & Dog Sounds is an APP designed for cat, dog lovers. It can simulate cat‘s and dog’s sounds emitted by different states. With it, you will no longer worry about can't finding your cat or dog. Just gently start the APP, cats with dogs appear i

  • J-Sounds

    J-Sounds 1.0

    J-Sounds app can help reduce stress with 22 healing sounds with 7 beautiful images featuring Japan. And you will relax with a hand illustrated Zen scene with animation. You will get a deep sleep with this app. J-sounds includes 21 healing sounds featurin

  • Sleep Sounds

    Sleep Sounds 7.2

    Sleep Sounds offers 35 various sound loops to put you in a relaxed state. Whether for sleep or just a timeout from your day, Sleep Sounds will sooth your soul. You can mix-and-match your favorite sounds to create custom soundscapes with our Custom Sound

  • SuperCar Sounds

    SuperCar Sounds 1.0

    Ever wanted to rev the engine of a SuperCar? Well now you can with SuperCar Sounds. The only App that lets you control the throttle and hear the sounds of cars from all over the world! Complete with Animations! SuperCar Sounds is not just a soundboard! t

  • First Sounds

    First Sounds 4.0

    Babies love to explore the world around them, touching everything within their reach. First sounds app offers a fabulous basic sounds collection. Beautifully animated, in this easy to use app, a baby as young as a few months old can explore a variety of v

  • Annoying Sounds!

    Annoying Sounds! 1.0.4

    Annoying sounds to drive your friends crazy! Crying babies, garbage disposals, hammering, and so much more! Annoy everybody in earshot! And the best part of's all free! Special thanks to and the following contributors: bugfish,

  • Mosquito Sounds!

    Mosquito Sounds! 1.2

    Mosquito Sounds has different frequency pitches to pester all of those around you... young and old. You'll be able to capture anyone's attention with this app. What are you waiting for, get this FREE app now!

  • Gun Sounds!!

    Gun Sounds!! 1.2

    This soundboard is full of gun sounds. Get this FREE app now! Special thanks to and contributors NoiseCollector, Matt_g, Jon285, Shares, gezortenplotz, faston, PhreaKsAccount, pauliep83, cognito perceptu, knufds, and Sonic.

  • CLIPish Sounds

    CLIPish Sounds 1.22

    NEW! Intro SALE (Reg. $4.99). SALE ENDS SOON! #1 app in 14 countries! Thank you!!! Make your text messages come to life! Quickly add hundreds of fun "sounds" to your text messages. The person you send the sound to will see a small "play button," ri

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