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  • FastFeed T2 (for Tumblr)

    FastFeed T2 (for Tumblr) 4.0.0

    The most powerful way of looking Tumblr: So many Tumblrs and photos to look around? Need a grouping? Bookmark or quick access to your favorite blogs? This app's multi-tab feature will be a definitive answer. ~ [About FastFeed] FastFeed is a series of iO

  • Aurafy

    Aurafy 4.6

    Keeping up with what friends are listening to is now faster than ever! - Listen to Share - Discover new music through friends - Get notifications when friends like and comment on songs you’ve listened to - Download new music you discover to Apple Music o

  • Trendippy

    Trendippy 1.13

    Welcome to Trendippy, a social media app for everyone. Trendippy is an exciting way to discover the latest Trends from all over the world that you can share with friends and family. Join the growing community of Trendsetters by being the first of your fri

  • Hive - Bringing Social Back

    Hive - Bringing Social Back 2.2.1

    Tired of the same old chat apps that say they help you find new friends but feel more like a hookup platform? Ever wish you could connect with people who love the same things you do? Hive helps you get plugged in to the community around you! Chat in foru

  • VEON

    VEON 2.0.28

    A new way to keep in touch with anyone, anytime. VEON uses your phone's mobile network or Wi-Fi (where available) to let you call, chat, send pictures and videos for free*, so you don't have to pay for every message or call. You can also discover new an

  • Txtter - Text & Calls

    Txtter - Text & Calls 2.8.1

    Quickest way to share photos.. Txtter allows you to share photos quickly and easily without having to worry about any of that "extra" stuff. You get to simply send things out and chat without any of those extras. THE PROS Privacy is an importan

  • Tuenti: phone with superpowers

    Tuenti: phone with superpowers 9.12.0

    Use the classic application and also talk to your friends in real-time. Tuenti, the popular Spanish social network has launched a new version, Tuenti Social Messenger, which mixes the original application with a real-time messenger. What does it do? Simpl

  • Trybeo

    Trybeo 2.1.4

    Try out different challenges, earn points for your tribe, and become the best. The human species is ultimately socially and community oriented. To get you become the absolute best, you’ll have to work in teams. In comes Trybeo. Available for the An