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  • AdottaUnRagazzo

    AdottaUnRagazzo 3.8.7

    A app with a different take on the dating world. AdoptAGuy is an social app for getting dates, which is based on the popluar French social network. On this occasion, it's the women who are in control, as they're the ones who decide who they wan

  • Fan Fair

    Fan Fair 1.0.4

    Fan Fair is an application designed to promote unity and collaboration among creative professionals. Being the fastest growing industry in the country, it's imperative that we leverage one another to achieve maximum growth. We provide a platform for creat

  • 1.4.23

    A stage behind a camera to show your talent and to become a star. Umbala is a mobile interactive live streaming platform, that helps you to broadcast your talent shows and play interactive live streaming games with friends Highlights: Music Live S

  • Mirrativ

    Mirrativ 6.11.5

    On Mirrativ, with just a few taps, you can stream any game or app on your iPhone! No hidden costs for streaming or watching streams, it’s FREE! At home or on the go, whenever you have free time you can connect with people all over the world through your

  • Zwerl - Chat to Experts

    Zwerl - Chat to Experts 3.1.2

    Zwerl lets you instantly chat to an expert on anything. Get a fast response from experts in over 150 topics. Whether you need help with academics, health, dating, cooking, fashion, translation, travel, coding, finance, fitness, or pretty much anything e

  • Kazuy - Followers Tracker

    Kazuy - Followers Tracker 1.1.5

    Kazuy App gives you the opportunity to get all information you ever wanted on people you follow. Get the most Instagram management tool on your iOS device. What can Kazuy do? • KaZoom -> easy to get updates on your specific followings • Non Followers for

  • Glimpse - Travel Experiences

    Glimpse - Travel Experiences 1.0.22

    Glimpse is a new way to improve your travels by letting you share the places you visited. Likewise, you can more easily discover authentic experiences when planning for your next trip. Everything you see is content from other users. You'll be able to sea

  • Rise9

    Rise9 1.0.9

    Rise9 is a simple way to find and connect with other people who have followings like you. Discover others in your follower range, niche, or city, and direct message them instantly. Join the community and start rising.

  • Desi Hookup: Dating aroundme

    Desi Hookup: Dating aroundme 1.1

    Desi Hookup is looking for indians who wanna find a dating with top hot singles and love adventures. Nowadays online chat becomes a better way to begin a dating. Find a good place to date online is quite important. Desi Hookup is the best way for you to

  • tbh­

    tbh­ 2.0.0

    The social app to raise and answer polls with your friends. Tbh, named as, To be honest, is an app to tell your friends what you think about them. You start adding your contacts and then you can answer they polls anonymously or you can set your own polls