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  • Asterix and Friends

    Asterix and Friends 1.5.2

    Travel the world, fight Romans, complete quests, all in a Viking day’s work. In Asterix and Friends for the Android and iOS, you’ll first be taken through the ropes of your regular, standard, thousand-year-old Viking camp. You’ll take c

  • Farm Clan®

    Farm Clan® 1.12.38

    Bring prosperity – and hilarity – to your village in this utterly enthralling farming game! Ready to hoe your way to happiness? Plant fruit trees and herbs, care for crops and perfect your fishing skills so that your villagers are never hungry. Create a v

  • Vua Thủy Chiến: Hạm Đội Mobile

    Vua Thủy Chiến: Hạm Đội Mobile 1.0.0

    Vua Thủy Chiến – Game Thủy Chiến SỐ 1 Việt Nam Với 07 tính năng mới và hơn 10 điều chỉnh lớn nhỏ, đây có thể coi là bước lột xác toàn diện của “siêu phẩm 5 triệu lượt tải” đến từ Hàn Quốc này! Hãy thể hiện khả năng chỉ huy quân sự tài tình của Đô đốc

  • Mini Guns

    Mini Guns 1.0.15

    Mini Guns is a real-time multiplayer strategy game featuring the Minis, toy soldiers that come to life on the battlefield. Collect and upgrade over 100 figurines, from rifleman and infantry units to heavy tanks and bombers. Team up with your friends to de

  • Champions and Challengers

    Champions and Challengers 1.2.1

    Challenge the Dice Lord to the ULTIMATE Adventure Time game! Prepare thyself for legendary freakin’ battles in Champions & Challengers! COLLECT 70+ CHAMPIONS Play as the greatest heroes and villains from across the Adventure Time Multiverse! Team up wit

  • Card Monsters: 3 Minute Duels

    Card Monsters: 3 Minute Duels 1.31.0

    -Brief Introduction Card Monsters is a fast-paced strategic card game. Enjoy challenging, and innovative gameplay with simple mechanics that allows for an intense duel! -Game Features Fast-paced Battles Duel against other players and defeat them in 3 m

  • Football Revolution 2018

    Football Revolution 2018 0.9.16

    Football Revolution 2018 is an exciting 3D mobile football game in partnership with FIFPro, created for football fans across the world. With realistic gameplay and action recorded by real players, you will be front and center of each exhilarating match.

  • Swim Out

    Swim Out 1.1.0

    Dive into the relaxing and refreshing atmosphere of Swim Out, a strategic, turn-based puzzle game, that will transport you into a sunny day by the swimming pool, the river or the sea. Plan each of your strokes wisely and be sure to never cross any other s

  • A Chain Reaction

    A Chain Reaction 1.4.1

    A simple but addictive game. Touch anywhere to start a chain reaction of explosions. Can you meet the goals? *** Six Different Mode *** Classic - Totally 8 Levels Sudden Death - What you are challenging is infinite Levels Perfectionist - Only One Ne

  • ANNO: Build an Empire

    ANNO: Build an Empire 2.0.0

    ***ANNO: One of the world’s most successful city-builder strategy games is now available on smartphone and tablet! PLAYER REVIEWS: 5/5 Very fun and addictive game 5/5 Good way to pass time and challenge yourself to bring up a civilization. 5/5 I've alwa