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  • Bloons TD Battles

    Bloons TD Battles 4.8.3

    Tower defense to your heart's content. Bloons Tower Defense Battle provides you with a number of ways to blast your way to victory (or defense). With a number of tower defense options and unique aspects to gameplay, expect for a rollicking good time

  • Last Day on Earth: Survival

    Last Day on Earth: Survival 1.7.1

    Last Day on Earth provides gritty and gripping action. When there are no governments, there are no rules. Welcome to Last Day on Earth, where you’ll take control of a zombie survivor. Throw into the aftermath of yet another zombie apocalypse, you&r

  • Mag.ic

    Mag.ic 0.0.8

    Inspired by legendary games: Heroes III, Age of Empires,, we have created this real-time strategic magic game for those who love intense battles. Players do not need to waste time in building castles or buildings, you only need to destroy your en

  • Brain Machine I

    Brain Machine I 1.3

    A boy named Tony lost his mother in a car accident. To save her means to retrace her broken memory. Tony must get into Brain Machine-an AI cloud center developed by his father. The man is an expert in AI field and will do anything to save his wife. They w

  • Cookie Clickers

    Cookie Clickers 1.45.23

    Cookie Clickers challenges your tapping speed. Massimo Guareschi's Cookie Clickers is a how-fast-you-can-click-like game. It's all about tapping a giant cookie, increasing that way the virtual amount of calories consumed. Obviously, the faster a

  • Premium Sudoku Cards

    Premium Sudoku Cards 1.1

    Play Sudoku the way it was meant to be played! Premium Sudoku Cards offers the highest quality, Single-Solution, authentic Sudoku cards available. Sudoku is one of the most loved puzzle games of all time. Experience it now with helpful solving tools, a s

  • Stone Age: The Board Game

    Stone Age: The Board Game 2.1

    Play the classic board game on your iOS device! Lead your tribe in collecting resources, trading at the river, and building your village to become the most powerful chief.  Based on the award-winning board game. (5/5) "One of the best titles I have play

  • Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars

    Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars 7.2

    Protect your land and fight the evil enemies in this strategy action game. Samurai Siege is an action strategy game where you need to protect your land at all costs. The game is available in multiplaying mode, where your objective will be to defend your v