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  • Alice ™

    Alice ™ 1.02

    Welcome to the tale of Alice! You are about to enter a strange and magical world, full of familiar characters: the March Hare, the Hatter, the White Queen, and the Cheshire Cat, of course. But the crazy world of Alice has taken on a whole new look! Bri

  • React Fast!

    React Fast! 2.0

    REACT FAST The best new app for testing and improving your reflexes! Test your reflexes in 6 different ways through the various different game modes available. It's great for parties, hang outs, and whenever you have some extra downtime. The more you pr

  • Plague Inc.

    Plague Inc. 1.15.3

    An original real time strategy game.. Without further ado: select the country or region where your first "patient zero" is living, preferentially a well communicated by seaports and airports one but with poor healthcare and an inefficient govern

  • Monster Legends

    Monster Legends 6.1.1

    Breed and raise little monsters to duke it out in the arena. Like Pokémon without the RPG aspect, Monster Legends is all about raising a team of cute beasties only to pit them against terrifying foes in the battle arena. There are tons of different

  • Chess Pro - Ultimate Edition

    Chess Pro - Ultimate Edition 2018.08

    Chess for Android is a simple port of the classic board game for smartphones and tablets. Chess is a simple port of the original board game onto smartphones. However, the game suffers from serious development and design issues. THE PROS The game has a lo

  • Invasion: Modern Empire

    Invasion: Modern Empire 1.36.10

    A modern day battle strategy game.. Invasion: Online War Game is an invasion game set in a modern battle landscape. You control your section of land and must set out to conquer others. Upgrade your equipment and characters and play against - or with - pl

  • Battle Warship: Naval Empire

    Battle Warship: Naval Empire 1.3.42

    Become an admiral of invincible navy fleets in the best 3D interactive strategy game of naval warfare. Lead your powerful fleet through countless sea battles against pirates, sea monsters, and players from around the globe and rule the waves! Enter a pos

  • Frozen Frenzy Mania

    Frozen Frenzy Mania 2.4.0

    Match ice cream treats to break through cookie walls and multiplying jellies in this delicious adventure filled with tricky obstacles. Easy to learn, but difficult to master. Get ready for weekly events, sweet prizes, and SATISFYING CHALLENGES! Piper the

  • Age of Kings: Skyward Battle

    Age of Kings: Skyward Battle 2.70.0

    Battleships assembled! In this MMOSLG, you will be the supreme monarch of an empire. Choose among hundreds of distinctive heroes to serve you in the adventure to conquer the world! =FEATURES & HIGHLIGHTS= ●Versatile heroes to garrison buildings, gather

  • Hexa Turn

    Hexa Turn 1.1.2

    Hexa Turn is a turn-based puzzle game with minimalist design. Challenge your brain to solve this clever puzzle experience. You will strategically turn hexagons to block triangle's way to the squares. Think outside the box and try not to find a solution,