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  • WhatTrain

    WhatTrain 1.3

    WhatTrain is the subway app for New Yorkers. You already know the subway system. You just want to know *when* your train is coming. That's what WhatTrain gives you. • Open the app for a list of all the trains around you, sorted by departure time, o

  • Roadtrippers - Trip Planner

    Roadtrippers - Trip Planner 4.4.4

    Plan your roadtrip across the US and find amazing attractions, accomodation, and points of interest along the way. You just never know what you're going to see along the road - unless you download Roadtrippers - Trip Planner in advance, that is. Tel

  • Orbitz Flight, Hotel, Packages

    Orbitz Flight, Hotel, Packages 18.2

    Best prices on flights, hotels, and car hire. Orbitz is a comprehensive app for booking flights, hotels, and car rentals, all covered by the Orbitz best-price guarantee. It not only offers a slick interface with multiple filtering options, but rewards yo

  • Mobile Passport

    Mobile Passport 2.6.3

    Skip the line at US Border Control with the official Mobile Passport app. We really are living in the future - welcome to the official US Mobile Passport app, which will let you skip that terrible endless line at the border when coming in by flight. Enter

  • Skyscanner Flights Hotels Cars

    Skyscanner Flights Hotels Cars 5.35

    Skyscanner is a flight browser. Skycanner allows you to find flights, no matter where you are or where you want to go. The app is quite simple: you just need to introduce departure location and destination, departure date and comeback date and how many pe

  • Skiplagged — Flights & Hotels

    Skiplagged — Flights & Hotels 2.1.8

    Skiplagged saves you big bucks on flights by uncovering 'hidden fares' the airlines don't want you to know about. Skiplagged saves you big bucks on flights by uncovering 'hidden fares' - when you book a multi-city flight but only

  • Airbnb

    Airbnb 18.03

    Airbnb is the official Android app of the popular online lodging service. Don’t you know Airbnb? If you like travelling, you should. Airbnb an online lodging service which is growing in popularity due to an innovative renting system between individu

  • Yelp: Discover Local Favorites

    Yelp: Discover Local Favorites 12.2.0

    Yelp is a mix of a location-based social network and a city guide made by users. There's been decades since the first city guide was released. Since then its format has changed but in essence it was the same. However, thanks to smartphones we all hav

  • HotelTonight

    HotelTonight 11.9

    The app that takes last-minute booking to the next level. This super, San Francisco-based app boasts taking last-minute booking to the next level: book with a maximum of 7 days notice and the best price. Oh, and quick: you can book a room in just 10 seco

  • - Hotel booking - Hotel booking 7.1

    Find a hotel in a pinch. brings the power of a huge website to the mobility of your digital device. Now you can scan where you want to go and plan trips with ease. The app itself is designed well, and though it isn't without flaws, there