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  • Taiwan AQI - realtime & push

    Taiwan AQI - realtime & push 1.0.16

    All of the air quality information you need to know in Taiwan. We provide realtime AQI as well as the pollutant concentration of NO2, O3, SO2, CO, PM10 and PM2.5. Also, we will also notice you while the air get significantly worse. Enjoying the app? Le

  • Louisiana Tides for Fishing

    Louisiana Tides for Fishing 1.0

    Accurate, simple to use Satellite Map based Louisiana tide charts of the all NOAA based Louisiana tide stations and surrounding states on a simple to use satellite map. Designed by Louisiana fishermen and Professional Louisiana Fishing Guides. Features t

  • NOAA Now Pro

    NOAA Now Pro 3.8

    NOAA Now Pro presents the latest information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Included is: hurricanes and tropical storms in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans; mainland storms, including the latest severe weather alerts; wor

  • BeWeather 2 Pro

    BeWeather 2 Pro 2.4.18

    BeWeather is the most comprehensive and personal weather app and widget for iOS and Apple Watch. All using the familiar weather interface you have always used on your device. With BeWeather you can make the weather your own! POWERFUL WEATHER DATA BeWeath

  • Solar Alert: Protect your Life

    Solar Alert: Protect your Life 3.4.13

    Solar Alert is the complete alert system whose purpose is to protect your life and warn you of the dangerous effects of solar storms in our society and, in so doing, protect you from disasters such as intense earthquakes, plane crashes, and power surges t

  • Thermometer++.

    Thermometer++. 2.2

    Over 2,000,000 downloads! Fast and accurate! Thermometer shows the current outdoor temperature and humidity based on your location. It gets weather data from the nearby weather stations. You can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees and choose a

  • Weather Hippie: Alerts, Radar

    Weather Hippie: Alerts, Radar 1.844

    *** Featured on Product Hunt! *** Weather Hippie is a fun free weather app that allows you to stay ahead of extreme weather conditions in your area. With the recent unpredictable weather conditions experienced across the country, Weather Hippie is your t

  • California Tides & Weather

    California Tides & Weather 1.0

    Accurate, simple to use Satellite Map based California tide charts of the all NOAA based California tide stations on a simple to use satellite map. Designed by California fishermen and Professional California Fishing Guides. NO SPAM ADS, SIMPLE TO USE...

  • Cloudy - Weather Window

    Cloudy - Weather Window 1.0.3

    Cloudy is an application that will change your lifestyle and your daily routine. When you wake up in the morning instead of going to your window and checking how the weather is, with Cloudy you can check actual weather on your iDevice. Based on your loc

  • Wind Forecast: Sensor & Map

    Wind Forecast: Sensor & Map 4.5

    "Wind Forecast: Kite, Windsurf & Surf. Sensor & Map" is an incredibly accurate wind forecast around the world! We have created a neural network that analyzes a huge amount of data from different sources of the wind forecast and chooses the most believabl